IBM® Daeja® ViewONE® Product Demonstration

IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual

An alternative option for viewing and annotating documents that would not require the use of Java on the client side.

IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual is a server-based document and image viewer that uses HTML5 technology to deliver a feature-rich viewer, without requiring Java on the client. The viewer supports multiple users and platforms, and enables customers to include additional functionality through add-on modules.

Most of the image processing takes place on the server which enables a lightweight front end to be served to the user, ideal for mobile devices or desktops where a JRE install is not possible.

IBM Daeja ViewONE Professional

A powerful document and image viewer that offers a suite of built-in productivity modules, which are included within IBM Daeja ViewONE Professional (Pro), as well as an option to separately purchase add-on modules that offer enhanced functionality and support

ViewONE Pro is a major breakthrough for web-based document management users due to its innovative Advanced Cache Manager™ (ACM).

ViewONE Pro’s ACM delivers Module-on-Demand™ functionality for ViewONE Pro users. Unlike other Java® applets, ViewONE Pro is extendible, enabling you to add support for additional formats, or add new functions and features as your needs grow, still without the need for user installation. The ACM modularizes ViewONE Pro, separating the core applet from its additional modules, reducing initial user download wait times and frees the applet from restrictions on the number of additional modules or functionality upgrades that can be added.

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