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Multiple Document Demo


What is the Multiple Document Demo

The Multiple Document Demo demonstrates how you can use the viewer to display several documents at the same time, while providing a multi-document navigation system built into the viewer.

How to use the Multiple Document Demo

You will notice in the viewer thumbnails section, 4 buttons to adjust the view of the thumbnails.

Multiple Document Panel Document Thumbnails
Document Thumbnails

This view will display the first page of each document as thumbnails

Document Index
Document Index

This view will display a list of all documents as text


This view will display the thumbnails for the current selected document


This view will display a list of all current document pages as text

When changing views, your last selected view will be remembered by the viewers preferences file on your local machines cache for when you return to the viewer.

In either Document Thumbnails or Document Index view you can click any thumbnail to view the document/image. Clicking on the document you want to view and pressing the single thumbnail button will display the thumbnails for the selected document.

At any time, you can switch between the multiple thumbnail views so you are able to go back and see the full document list and change documents easily.

You can also navigate your way through the individual documents using the navigation buttons at the top of the viewer

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